A Singaporean classic: 2 mothers in a hdb playground by Arthur Yap

Every Singaporean should read the next poem. No one will have difficulty understanding it. Next time, it will be my pleasure to talk about why this poem hits all the right notes for Singaporeans. Apologies to all of you who came back regularly to look for it. I was busy setting up a website; more about it later. Enjoy.

2 mothers in a hdb playground
by Arthur Yap

ah beng is so smart,
already he can watch tv and know the whole story
your kim cheong is also quite smart,
what boy is he in the exam?
this playground is not too bad, but I'm always
so worried, car here and car there.
at exam time, it's worse
because you know why?
kim cheong eats so little.
give him some complan. my ah beng was like that,
now he's different, if you give him anything
he's sure to finish it all up.
sure, sure, cheong's father buys him
vitamins but he keeps it inside his mouth
& later gives it to the cat.
i scold like mad but what for?
if I don't see it, how can I scold?
on saturday, tv showed a new type,
special for children , why don't you call
his father buy some? maybe they are better.
money's no problem, it's not that
we want to save, if we buy it
& he doesn't eat it, throwing money
into the jamban is the same.
ah beng's father spends so much,
takes out the mosaic floor & wants
to make terrazzo floor or what.
we also go new furniture, bought from diethelm
the sofa is so soft, I dare not sit, they all
sit like don't want to get up, so expensive.
nearly two thousand dollars, sure must be good.
that you can't say, my toa-soh
bought an expensive sewing machine,
after 6 months,it is already spoilt,
she took it back but.....beng,
come here, come, don't play the fool.
your tuition teacher is coming,
wah, kim cheong, now you're quite big.
come cheong, quick go home and bathe.
ah pah wants to take you chya-hong in a new motor-car

from down the line (1980)


Life is pain said…
yea its a classic but pray u tell me wads the message of the poem its liek balls coz i catch no inner meaning pls enlighten me
Anonymous said…
its just abt how typical sporeans act:kiasu like the lion moms

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